Monday, November 3, 2008

Endorsement and a prediction

This is obviously not a political blog, but since I took some pictures of the guy I'm voting for about a year ago when he was still campaigning for the Iowa Caucus, I thought the night before the election would be a good time to put them up.

There was never any doubt that I'd end up voting for the Democratic nominee regardless of who it was, but I was never a big Barack Obama supporter. I've seen him in person three times, and he never lived up to the hype for me. He's grown on me a bit lately though, and I think he's clearly the better person for the job than his opponent. You're here to look at my pictures, so I won't go into the reasons as to why I think that is.

I will say that when I shot these, I got really frustrated with his campaign people. They did everything they could to keep the photographers from doing anything interesting or original. There were just a few spots where they'd let us sit or stand. Every time I moved to where I thought I could get a more interesting picture, they came and kicked me out of that spot. I tried waiting in the hall for him to come out afterward, and they kicked me out of there too. I ended up waiting for him outside the building. I waited by the big, black SUV with security guys around it. I figured it had to be his. It was. He eventually came out, and I got some pictures of him shaking hands with a few students who were also hoping to get the chance to meet him. The same campaign people who had kicked me out of a couple of spots inside didn't look too pleased that I was outside either. It was a public sidewalk though, so there was really nothing that they could do. None of my pictures from that day were great, but if things go well tomorrow, they'll be pictures of the next president of the United States.

I'm also a bit of a political junkie. I thought the extended Democratic caucus season was great. I love watching election returns on tv, and with so many primaries that mattered, I got to do a lot of that this year. I'm really looking forward to watching the returns tomorrow night. To make it a little more interesting, I made a map with my predictions. I think it's going to be a little closer than a lot of people are saying right now, and I also think there will be a couple of surprises. Here's my map:


Amy said...

I love the way you think, Schoon.

I also love the way you shoot.

And, after living in Kansas and Utah, it sure is nice to think about living and raising our kid in a big, beautiful BLUE state.

Chilly Dog said...

I am working on my predictions. The biggest dilemma is deciding whether we live in a red or blue state (Missouri). Good luck.

Chilly Dog

AnneR said...

I'm jealous of your prediction map. Way cool. (And I don't even mean the predicted result--the map ITSELF is neato.)