Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cool patterns

I was all set to have several more days of fall colors pictures on the blog, but they're going to have to wait a couple of more days.

Any idea what this is?

It's the frost on my car this morning. I was determined to leave the house on time. Henry and I were walking out the door at 7:30. I got him buckled in the back seat. I started scraping the frost off the car. The whole time I'm scraping, I'm thinking, "Wow. This is really cool. I should really take some pictures."

After pestering Henry all morning about leaving on time, I knew I'd be in trouble if I was the one who made us late. I got about half the windows scraped off when I gave in.

I stuck my head in the backseat, and told Henry I'd be right back. I came out with my camera and shot for about five minutes when I heard, "Daddy, you better hurry up."

I probably could have kept shooting these cool frost patterns until they melted, but Henry was right. I got my five minutes in, put my camera away and went to work. With any luck, it'll freeze like this again tonight. I know I'm going to check my car first thing in the morning.


Chad Coppess said...

Very cool, but you didn't give me time to guess. I was pretty sure that's what I was looking at, and then there was your explanation. Fun stuff and story!

Sondra said...

WOW! They almost look like pine needles.

Anonymous said...

COOL indeed! And a perfect subject for black-and-white (which it seems to me you have a special penchent for, right?)
And seems to me that Henry has acquired a certain patience for Dad-shooting-pictures!