Monday, October 20, 2008

I was right

That thing I said a week or two ago about being a pet photographer. I was so right. Here's four pictures from literally a five minute photo shoot in my basement with an uncooperative dog. She did NOT like those horns on her head. But good grief, isn't she cute? Surely somebody out there would pay me to make their obnoxious dog look cute.


AnneR said...

We would totally pay you to make our bratty dog look cute. In fact, it looks like we'll be adding another corgi to the family soon--you can shoot them in stereo!

Anonymous said...

"Uncooperative?" She looks so cool and calm, a real "pro!" Maybe the trick is the "five minutes" part. I hope she was rewarded with a really great treat!

Chilly Dog said...

Is she a devil for Halloween? Last year my brother Andy was a lobster, but everyone thought that he was the devil. I think that he is sometimes even when he isn't wearing a costume.

Chilly Dog