Friday, July 4, 2014

My mom loved the color blue.

Like all good moms, mine liked all of my photos. Well, most of them anyway. But there was one that she really liked. It was a photo I shot years ago in Yellowstone at sunrise. It wasn't the dramatic, beautiful, colorful sunrise that you'd expect from a place like Yellowstone. It was a quiet photo. The sun was lost behind heavy cloud cover that day. It was just some trees and a lake and some sky. The only color in the photo was blue. At the time I was disappointed that the sun didn't show up for sunrise that day, but this photo has aged well. I still like it.

I'm really bad about making prints and sharing my photos, but I made a print of this one for my mom. She had it hanging in her office until she retired, and then she had it at home. When I was in South Carolina for vacation recently, I got up every morning for sunrise. Sometimes the sun showed up. Sometimes it didn't. One morning when the sun failed to show, I shot this photo. It reminds me a little bit of that photo from Yellowstone. It's simple, and it's blue. I don't know if it will age as well as the one from Yellowstone or not, but right now, I like it.

I wish I could show it to my mom.

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