Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best of 2011-2012

Here is a selection of my favorite photos that I've shot for work during the past 12 months. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Pentacrest fireworks

Thousands watch July 4 fireworks from the west side of the Pentacrest.
Hawkeye faithful showed their colors during the card stunt at Saturday's game.

Art Building West is alive with activity again after sitting idle for nearly four years following the 2008 floods.

A painter's palette is in use again in the newly reoccupied Art Building West.

Photo illustration for the dangers of passive television exposure.

Photo illustration about Macs no longer being safe from viruses and malware.

Chris Cooper tries to avoid the blue light during an eye exam. Chris was the subject of a new surgical technique to make removing congenital cataracts easier on both patient and doctor.

Chris Cooper is more intrigued by the red light than the blue light.

Dr. Chris Buresh holds Bedica, a Haitian girl who came to Iowa for life-saving surgery. Bedica lived with the Bureshes for several months while she recovered from surgery. Tragically, shortly after returning to her family in Haiti, Bedica died of cholera.

Bruce Macavoy watches a blaze erupt in a mock dorm room. The demonstration showed how quickly a dorm room can be engulfed in flame. The room at right was also ignited, but it was quickly extinguished by a built-in sprinkler system.

Josie Whelan shows off her sprinting skills at the Kids Day at Kinnick last August.

Kids of all ages had a beautiful day to enjoy Kids Day at Kinnick in August.

Cheerleaders struggle to hang on to a teammate during a pyramid stunt.

Big 10 swimmers warm up for their events in the new pool at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Carmen Smith is a fourth-year biostatistics graduate student in the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Gregory Larrieux, a UI medical student, spent anxious days waiting to hear from family and friends following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Tom Brands tells his wrestler, Matt McDonough, to keep his head in the match during the opening day of the U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials.

Sam Hazewinkel celebrates his win while Nick Simmons pleads his case to the official after their championship match. 

The climbing wall at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has been called the best collegiate climbing wall in the Midwest.

Photo illustration for story on fan rivalry prior to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.

The University of Iowa has long been a leader in the non-surgical treatment of clubfoot. Despite the look on this baby's face, the procedure is more uncomfortable than it is painful.

For the Big Love play, lights had to be installed on four walls and directly above the stage. Here, Caitlin Dorset checks the lighting map to make sure everything is in its proper place.

Jess Fialko, the lighting designer for Big Love, says, "Good lighting is like good acting; it makes the story come alive."

Hawkeye swimmers hosted the men's and women's Big 10 swimming championships this spring.

An almost-full moon rises behind Boyd Tower.

In addition to these singles, my three favorite multi-photo packages are a story on a medical student's experience on Match Day, Dance Gala, and a package I did on the day Jackson Pollock's Mural moved from the Quad Cities to Des Moines. Those images can be found here:

Match Day

Dance Gala

Pollock Move


Madelaine said...

Great pictures, as always!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, TIm! --Jill

Miclaundry said...

These are terrific, Tim. I really enjoyed them. They show a broad sense of skill in using different techniques and lenses... I can see that your eye has been developed over time. Striking compositions and quality of images. Thanks for sharing.

I also have a blogspot, and have shared some of my photos occasionally, but mostly what I do is write about things in my life or on my mind. I'm at if you want to check it out sometime.

Donn said...

Awesome pictures..thanks for sharing

Chad Coppess said...

Great stuff and it's amazing to see you turning out quality photos in a huge variety of situations.

Larry said...

A great year. Well done.