Monday, February 16, 2009

Dance Marathon

Here's a project I just did at work. This photo gallery went up today:

It's from Dance Marathon. The students danced for 24 hours and raised more than $1 million for kids with cancer. It's a great event. It's fun to shoot, but the lighting (or serious lack thereof) makes it a tough shoot. I tossed out hundreds of photos, but I'm happy with this final selection. I'd be curious to know what anybody else thinks of them.


Nick@Nite said...

Those photos are nice. I really liked some of them with basically two colors, like the red and blue one. And who can resist a well executed motion blur photo. And the four panel, red shirt was nice too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I already told you how much I like these photos, but I think the lighting (or serious lack thereof) is what really sets these apart from all the other Dance Marathon photos I've seen over the years. It's like seeing the event in a new light. No pun intended ... seriously!

Sara M.

AnneR said...

Though I am generally cynical about these types of events (why must people do crazy things like run marathons or dance for 24 hours to inspire generosity? why can't people just give money to things they believe in without having others jump thru silly hoops? and yes, as someone with some background in marketing, I know what the party line is on the value of these things, it still annoys me) these are the best DM photos I've ever seen. They capture youthful exuberance (contrasted with my old fogey curmudgen-ness) so perfectly.