Monday, December 8, 2008

Jingle Cross Cyclocross

Here are the rest of the pictures from the Jingle Cross Cyclocross race. I found it hard to narrow the selection down, so there are probably more here than there should be.

First, one from the women's race. Sunglasses weren't helping anyone, especially after they were covered in mud.

The start of the men's race with eventual winner Todd Wells (number 1, GT sleeves) already leading the field.

Wells, who competed in Beijing on the US mountain bike team, handles the first jump with ease.

The big downhill was a muddy mess for everyone. Mountain biking legend Steve Tilford handled it better than most.

Even Wells wasn't always totally smooth on the descent.

But he handled it better than this guy who hit hard near the bottom.

Nothing like having the snow pick up a little bit mid-race to add some interest to the photos...

The winners of the elite men's race on Sunday, from left, Andy Jacques-Maynes, Todd Wells and Steve Tilford.

This has to be one of the coolest events I've photographed. When I worked for newspapers I would have killed for an assignment like this one. What's not to like about shooting some of the best bikers in the country riding in the mud, cold and snow? Throw in a couple of good crashes, and it's a great assignment. That's why I can't understand why none of the local papers sent a photographer to cover the race.


AnneR said...

Two questions:
1. What's with the shirtless guys?
2. Are trophy babes really needed at an event like this?

Chad Coppess said...

Send the newspapers a link to these shots and I bet they will want covereage next time. Awesome stuff.
I almost feel too much like a sexist pig to mention this, but maybe we could just combine Anne's two questions and have shirtless trophy babes? Sorry....feel free to ban me from your blog for that.

Sondra said...

Have you considered showing the cyclists these stunning photos?

Anne said...

These are great! I'm sharing your blog with two friends who competed this year.

bjsmith said...

Super shots! Thanks.