Monday, September 22, 2008


I had a reader comment about what sorghum is, so here goes:

Sorghum cane grows in a field. When you pick it and squeeze the stalk really hard, juice comes out. If you filter and boil that juice long enough, you get sorghum. It's sweet and has the consistency of honey. It tastes great on corn bread, and it should not be confused with molasses which comes from sugar cane. If you live in Iowa, you can buy it at Hy-Vee. Everyone else can order it here: Maasdam Sorghum Mill.

It used to be that a horse would walk in a circle to run the mill that squeezed the juice out of the cane. The mill where Henry and I went, started by my grandpa and still run by relatives, is quite a bit more modern. It's run by a steam engine.

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AnneR said...

Thank you, professor. I apologize for any suggestions that "sorghum" was code for illicit activity undertaken by the Dutch. Oilleybollen (spelling?)... now that's another story.