Thursday, June 26, 2008

Questions answered

The two people who commented were close. It was a rose petal. The tricky part was that it was frozen in ice. I tried this once before with no luck. I'm still not real happy with the results. I like the abstractness in a way, but in another way, these pictures look a lot like animal tissue in a lab jar. Maybe if the rose were a different color it wouldn't look so creepy. What do you think? Am I the only one who finds these creepy?


scoodog said...

I agree that, by themselves, the photos could be interpreted as being too darn creepy. But, with a title -- such as "Petals Frozen in Ice" -- there's context and you don't have to worry about the viewer possibly needing to get ill. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to learn what the subject of the photo was! I thought it was probably a rose, but it looked kind of "unnatural." I like the larger shot, which of course is more obvious.

Sondra said...

Hmm, maybe I'm weird but I think they're lovely! I love the first one especially. Just think, instead of ice sculptures of swans at weddings people could have rose petal ice sculptures.