Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sorry to let the elephant linger so long without an update, but I really like that picture...and I was sick.

Chad, the owner of this fine blog, to the rescue. He sent me these pictures I shot 13 or 14 years ago while doing an internship in his office. It was the best job I'll probably ever have. After seeing these pictures, it makes me want to dig up some of my other pictures from that summer.

These are both from a hike to the top of Harney Peak in the Black Hills. The guy in the bottom photo is me, and it was probably taken by the person in the top photo. I might have done the tripod and self-timer thing though. I remember doing a bit of that during that internship.


Chad Coppess said...

These are really great shots that haven't seen the light of day enough! I'm hoping they get published more in the future.
You forgot to tell how your blog got it's name, though. Maybe I'll send some examples.

Anonymous said...

The subjects in BOTH pictures look like YOU. (That was quite a while before I knew you, though.

It was fun to see the Elephant picture again! Do you remember a shot you took on one of your first trips Kansas - a highway sign that had been turned upside, I think. It might fit in the same category as the Elephant one.

What kind of system do you have for storing your photos? I think it would be no small task to find any one in particular!