Monday, November 26, 2007


Yesterday was my first time shooting cyclocross. I went to the race as a fan, but ended up so captivated by the sport I couldn't help but try to take some pictures. It didn't hurt that the field had some top tier talent. The race was the Elite Men's race of the Jingle Cross Rock cyclocross race in Iowa City.

Here's the winner, Todd Wells. I think he's sticking his tongue out in every picture I have of him.

Wells made everything look easy.

Chris Horner, who finished 15th in last year's Tour de France, finished second. He made it look pretty easy too.

Some of the other riders seemed to struggle quite a bit more.

I love the light and the motion in these pictures of Wells and Horner descending. Too bad there was yellow tape everywhere.

I even like this more obscure one.

They seemed like pretty normal guys too. That's always nice to see.

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Chad Coppess said...

Pretty cool stuff! An interesting event that I've never heard of.